The Globe And Mail – CascadesFS Article

Assumption Guidelines
April 10, 2019
Investment Executive – CascadesFS Article
May 1, 2019

The Globe And Mail – CascadesFS Article

While I reached the traditional retirement age of 65 last April, I continue to work steadily in semi-retirement (a.k.a. the victory lap). But when my wife Ruth, one year my junior, said she will follow suit next year and leave her executive position, I knew it was time to get serious about planning our actual retirement cash flows. As Ruth puts it, “We need a financial plan and a life plan.”

Cascades Financial Solutions: Thorough year-by-year projections of investment account balances, CPP and OAS payments, OAS clawbacks, and income splitting. Compares competing withdrawal strategies to illustrate which accounts to draw from first, and which are better deferred. Tax tables include income splitting and tax credits.

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