Sample Reports

Cascades Sample Reports

Cascades isn’t just an efficient and effective retirement income calculator, it’s a professional solution capable of producing stylish, comprehensive reports that will both inform and impress your clients.

Once your calculations are complete, you can access the results under separate tabs on your Cascades spreadsheet. From each tab you can create a report that can be printed, or saved as a PDF with a new name.

Download a Cascades sample report here, or read on for more details…

What’s in a Cascades report?

Each Cascades report is created using the unique data for each client, and collated within Cascades. So all you need to do is print it off, or save it as a PDF.

Each clearly presented report features:

  • A cover page customized with your practice name.
  • Full contact details for you as the advisor/broker
  • A date and time stamp, and client identifier in the footer
  • A summary page for all types of savings
  • A taxation summary page including disposable income graph
  • Detailed figures for before and after retirement (as applicable)
  • Details of annual income per year until age 110 (or other as specified)
  • Details of tax liability per year until age 110 (or other as specified)
  • Clear details of Old Age Security payment and OAS clawback

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