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How Cascades works - our demo video

Cascades is simple to use, and can save you hours of repetitive and complex data analysis. See our video on how you can save time and money with Cascades, AND deliver a better service to your clients too.

How does Cascades work?

Cascades is an Excel-based solution in two parts; a lightweight spreadsheet on your PC, and a sophisticated calculating system at our end. You send your raw data to the Cascades server, where your calculations are done using the latest rates and financial information. Within 60 seconds or so, the results are back in your spreadsheet, ready to be turned into reports.

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How to Use Cascades

  1. Collect all your information during a client meeting using our template information sheet, including details of income, pensions, annuities, registered savings, TFSA and non-registered savings, life insurance and charitable giving.
  2. Enter that financial data into your Cascades Excel spreadsheet on your own computer, following the on-screen prompts. There are no formulas to write or calculations to make - all Cascades needs are the raw figures.
  3. Click the "Process data" button to send all that data to be calculated on the Cascades server. All data is sent via HiveLink, a specialist Excel data exchange system that ensures all your confidential data is highly encrypted and delivered back securely to your spreadsheet.
  4. Within minutes, the results will be back in your Cascades spreadsheet in a series of new tabs, ready to review.
  5. Create clear, comprehensive reports from each tab and either save as a PDF or print and hand to the client. You can view some sample Cascades reports here.
  6. If client circumstances change, Cascades lets you quickly adjust the data, recalculate and present new financial solution scenarios to your clients.

For more details, see what Cascades can do:

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Cascades. A new framework for retirement income and estate planning