For Your Clients

Cascades for Your Clients

Your clients are smart people.

  • They have already come to you for assistance, so they know there’s more to retirement funding than just Old Age Security and pensions.
  • As they move towards retirement, they’ll want to see how best to draw down funds from their various income sources.
  • They’ll want to know the most tax-effective order in which to draw down cash from tax-free shelters such as their CPP, RRSP, TSFA and company pension.
  • Most of all, they’ll want to see an effective retirement cash flow that lets them enjoy a relaxing retirement, living the lifestyle they’ve worked so hard for.

And it’s all down to you, their broker, to show them.

Cascades: showing clients what they want to see

Cascades is more than a mere software calculator, it’s a retirement lifestyle illustration tool for your clients.

Cascades is an efficient, effective and transparent way to show clients how important it is to achieve the right balance in pension, savings and other sources of income in order to maintain their lifestyle throughout their retirement years.

The benefits of Cascades to your clients include:

  • A one-stop approach: financial data is entered only once and can be used many times.
  • Clear, concise reports for your clients that are easy to understand.
  • Your ability to rapidly recalculate using different variables at the client’s request – results are usually returned ion under 60 seconds.
  • Fast, efficient turnaround of information rather than lengthy delays waiting for reports.
  • The reassurance that you, as their broker, have invested in a tool that works efficiently, effectively and saves the client money.

Flexible results reporting

One of the great benefits of Cascades is the ability to quickly change variables and recalculate while the client is present. Once the main financial data is entered, all subsequent calculations take a matter of minutes. Each time you change the variables on the data, you can show the resulting reports to clients on-screen, send it via email as a PDF, or print off and discuss in person.

So, if a client tells you that s/he would love to spend $10,000 next year on a world cruise, you can tell them how that would affect their income and tax liabilities.

Equally, clients could decide that they don’t need as much income as the optimum amount they can withdraw, and you can adjust the future forecasts accordingly to include more legacy saving.

The key is that each calculation takes just minutes, not hours, so many financial scenarios can be tried as required. With Cascades, you can submit as many calculations as you like - there are no limits or quotas to exceed.

Efficient and cost-effective

Cascades is a very efficient tool that saves you time, which in turn saves your clients money. Reports that used to take days to create can now be printed off within minutes. So, you no longer need to cover those extra hours of reporting work per client in your fees.

Cascades will deliver impressive and persuasive results for just $85* per month, a figure you’ll easily recoup with just your first client. So, why not pass that savings on a little, and make your broker service both time and cost-efficient for individuals, couples, business owners and existing retirees.

Cascades. A new framework for retirement income and estate planning

* The introductory subscription price is currently $85/month + Ontario HST (13%)