For Your Business

Cascades for your business

You're a broker. You have clients approaching retirement. They want to know the most tax efficient way to draw down their retirement income, and in which order.

You probably already do this, using an assortment of tools, online tax calculators, tax code booklets, Excel* to store the data, and Word to type up each unique client report.

It works OK, your clients seem happy, so why should your business invest in a Cascades subscription?

For three very sound economic reasons:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Time
  3. Flexibility

1. Accuracy

Calculating the optimum draw down income from various savings sources involves multiple calculations, including rates of return, tax limits, pension allowances, etc. Cascades always contains the most up to date information on all the relevant rates applicable. Most calculators work on average figures for returns, but Cascades uses real figures, creating more informed results. In short, Cascades gives you more accurate mathematically correct results every time you use it.

2. Time

Calculating retirement income figures for clients using multiple tools is costing you a fortune in your most precious commodity of all - time. Once you've entered the important financial information from each client into Cascades, the job is practically done. With Cascades, the time involved in the actual calculations is usually less than 60 seconds, and once data is returned, your reports will be ready too.

3. Flexibility

Cascades is not only fast, it is also flexible. If a client’s circumstances change, or they wish to see how different options would pan out over a given time period, Cascades can recalculate and create a new report in less than a minute of data being sent. Equally, if tax rates, interest rates or other factors change, our team will update the master Cascades server to accommodate the new information.

All for just $85 a month**. That's it, no upgrade costs, no new software*, no extra security requirements. Just more accurate, timely and efficient results for you and your client, for less than the cost of a single ticket to the Toronto Maple Leafs play at Air Canada Centre***.

Cascades. A new framework for retirement income and estate planning

* Cascades requires Excel versions Office 2010+ for Windows.

** Our introductory subscription price is currently $85/month + Ontario HST (13%)

*** Based on Section 106 Row 23 Standard Ticket at $99 for game on Sunday 2 October 2016 at the Air Canada Centre Toronto, as sold on Ticketmaster.