Cascades for Brokers

Cascades for brokers

Cascades is not just another financial calculator or retirement fund management software. Cascades is a premiere wealth disbursement calculation tool, written for brokers by brokers, so it knows the way you work.

Cascades is an invaluable tool for ensuring your client gets the most from his or her hard-earned investments now and in the future. Our solution accurately calculates the exact drawdown amounts for your client each and every year based on real figures, not estimates or averages.

With Cascades, you can offer clients consistent and quality financial planning without the need to employ new staff, buy new software* or invest in new hardware. Cascades allows you to be more efficient in the use of your time, and more informed in the advice you give to clients. And you can continue to adjust your clients’ plans as their circumstances change.

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Why is Cascades the best drawdown calculator I can use?

Cascades makes calculating the optimal drawdown balance between annuities, registered assets and non-registered assets a breeze. Cascades also makes light work of the complicated interactions required to calculate income splitting and Old Age Security clawback liabilities. It can even calculate the amount of legacy monies left for clients who want to pass something on to the next generation. See a sample report for the results.

It’s fast too; Cascades can usually process your calculations and have the data back on your PC in under 60 seconds.

In other words, Cascades does exactly what you would do yourself, only in considerably less time, with less stress, and all in one easy-to-use Excel-based interface. How refreshing is that?

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A wealth of data at your disposal

Cascades already has a wealth of financial data stored in its systems, including the latest tax changes and TFSA limits, so its calculations are as accurate as possible. Cascades is also regularly updated with the latest changes in financial legislation, including savings limits, latest tax efficient product types, and more. All updates are provided free as part of your Cascades monthly subscription.

Cascades. A new framework for retirement income and estate planning