Cascades Features

Behind its easy-to-use interface and in spite of its lightweight file size - your Cascades spreadsheet runs powerful algorithms, designed by brokers for brokers.

Cascades features include:

  • Easy-to-use Excel interface and compact file size
  • Always up to date for exact tax rates, not average tax rates
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • OAS clawback calculations included
  • Detailed projections for drawdown
  • Clear and stylish reports for clients
  • Rapid calculations – results usually back in less than 60 seconds

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Easy to use Excel interface

Cascades works in a program you probably use every working day - Microsoft Excel*. So, Cascades looks and feel remarkably familiar from the very first time you use it. And since your Cascades spreadsheet doesn’t contain lots of complicated formulas and cell cross-references (that’s all in our master system spreadsheet here at Cascades HQ), there’s no big bloated file hogging space on your hard drive.

Always up to date

Unlike online tax calculators that can quickly become out of date, Cascades is maintained by an experienced team of brokers and financial professionals. We ensure every item of data is up to date, including tax rates, savings rates, etc. So you can be confident that the calculation results are current and accurate.

Comprehensive data collection

Your Cascades client spreadsheet is pre-configured to guide you through your client’s financial situation step by step. You can either fill it in with the client, or use our Fact Finder sheet, and enter data later. Major sections covered are:

  • Employment Income
  • Employment Pension
  • Government Pension (CPP and OAS)
  • Existing Annuities (registered, term, non-reg)
  • Registered Savings (RRSP, LIRA, RRIF)
  • TFSA and Non-Registered Savings
  • Life Insurance
  • Charitable Giving
  • Sale of a Business, Farm or Cottage

Rapid calculation times

Once data is entered, you simply click on “Process data” and sit back! Your client’s data is sent securely to our server where your results are rapidly calculated using the latest information, tax rates and savings returns. The results are returned to your PC directly into your Cascades spreadsheet, normally in less than 60 seconds.

OAS clawback calculations included

OAS clawbacks can catch many retirees out, as it’s all too easy for their net income to exceed the threshold amount. Suddenly, they find themselves paying tax on any income that exceeds the threshold. By drawing down a balance of taxable and non-taxable income, your client can minimize if not eliminate this extra taxation. Cascades calculates the precise annual drawdown balance required from all income and savings sources, to keep clients’ cash away from the claws of the tax collector.

Detailed drawdown projections

Cascades enables you to create details of exact drawdown amounts for this year, next year and up to 100 years ahead. Cascades shows the precise amounts clients should draw from their various income sources for maximum benefit and to avoid the dreaded OAS clawback as much as possible.

Clear and stylish printable reports for clients

Calculating the drawdown requirements of a client is one thing, presenting it in a clear and concise way to clients often quite another. With Cascades, great looking reports are just a click away. You can save them as PDFs to either email or print off. Your name and full contact details can be on the cover page and your name will also show in the footer of each report.

Cascades. A new framework for retirement income and estate planning

* requires Excel version Office 2010 for Windows or higher.