Cascades retirement income calculator - benefits

Cascades is designed to make you more efficient, effective and responsive to clients looking for pre- and post-retirement income drawdown options. With Cascades, you can take in account the complex interactions between a client’s various sources of income, be they annuities, tax-sheltered or non tax-sheltered savings, pensions, mutual funds and more.

Top 7 benefits of Cascades

1. One tool to rule them all

Comprehensive, detailed analysis is just a click away, all within Excel. No need to use multiple online calculators, export data, import it, analyze it on separate worksheets, and then grapple with graphing programs to produce a report. Cascades works seamlessly within Excel*, on your desktop, to provide the professional authoritative calculations you need.

2. Cloud-based solution

Cascades is cloud-accessed, meaning you can do calculations anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. There’s no additional software** to install, no need to configure your server or invest in expensive new hardware. All you need is your existing Excel software (version Office 2010+ for Windows), your log-in details and an internet connection.

3. High level security

We use HiveLink to ensure your data is protected by high-level security and encryption, as it travels from your PC to our servers and back. The calculated data is delivered directly back into the Cascades spreadsheet on your PC, so you can keep it safe and secure using your own network security and backup systems

4. Time efficient

Cascades is a powerful retirement planning and income drawdown tool that saves you hours of precious time. There are no new tax levels or limits to research, no complex calculations to formulate, no drawing together disparate data sources, and no reports to write. Every report that Cascades completes saves you time, with data usually sent, calculated and back on your Cascades spreadsheet in less than 60 seconds!

5. Comprehensive reports for clients

Most financial management software produces reports that you need a degree in advanced accounting to understand. Cascades produces client-friendly reports that you can print off and present to a client in a meeting, or save as a PDF and email it. Cascade reports are clear, uncluttered, attractive and most importantly, understandable.

6. Cost effective pricing

With Cascades, you simply pay one monthly subscription per user. This makes Cascades highly cost-effective for a single broker or for small businesses, as well as larger companies. Your affordable monthly subscription price includes our ongoing updating and feature development as standard. So there is no need to continually download updates, and there are no expensive upgrades either.

7. Regular updates by financial experts

Cascades is not just a clever spreadsheet, it’s also a team of financial experts, behind the scenes ensuring every element of tax and investment data is kept right up to date and accurate. Their years of experience ensure that new information is applied in the right places and to the right calculations, the perfect merger of human skills and software efficiency.

Cascades. A new framework for retirement income and estate planning

* Requires Excel version Office 2010 for Windows or higher.

** Excel software not included in the subscription price of Cascades