Delegate the complexity of retirement income planning.

Cascades is an intuitive retirement income questionnaire for financial advisors that once submitted, creates a report that demonstrates the value of planning advice by revealing the income tax savings of competing withdrawal strategies.


The Value of Advice

As an advisor, you need to demonstrate the value of your advice now more than ever. In the field of retirement income planning, we know this is difficult. We created Cascades to take the complexity away and provide you with common sense withdrawal strategies in return.

No steep learning curve

Cascades is cross-platform and accessed online, so you don't need to download any software. Simply complete our intuitive online questionnaire, press Submit, and we'll send you a tailored retirement income plan for your client.

Fully Supported

Cascades is committed to helping you achieve your full potential as an advisor. Our online resources can help you strengthen your planning skills. We have experienced advisors available to consult one on one at your request.


Securing your data is important to us. At Cascades we maintain privacy and data integrity by using an industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocol, so you can be confident that the information you submit is received safely.

How the Cascades process works

It all starts with a unique planning philosophy

Our reports first solve for longevity risk, creating a sustainable income for your client. We use actuarial tables to determine mortality, and ensure income lasts well beyond the average age of death. Secondly we optimize your client’s projected cash flows by comparing three contrasting withdrawal strategies, determining which accounts should be drawn down first and which are better left last. Third, we focus on strategies to ease the administration of an estate for your client’s executors.