Changing the conversation from retirement planning,
to retirement income planning

Cascades is an intuitive retirement income questionnaire that once submitted, creates a report that demonstrates the value of planning advice by revealing the income tax savings of competing withdrawal strategies.

The Value of Advice

The field of retirement income planning is complex. Cascades eliminates this complexity allowing you to discover the value of financial planning advice.

No steep learning curve

Cascades is a cloud based module, so it's accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Simply log in to your account and complete our guided questionnaire to receive an instant result.

Fully Supported

Cascades is committed to helping Canadians and their advisors achieve their full potential. Our online resources help deepen practical financial planning knowledge. Our experienced advisors are always available to assist.


Securing your data is important to us. Cascades maintains privacy and data integrity by only collecting the information it needs, and uses an industry standard TLS encryption protocol, so you can be confident that the information you submit is kept safe.

How the Cascades process works

It all starts with a unique planning philosophy

Our strategies focus first on creating a sustainable income. We use the most recent actuarial tables to determine one's average mortality, and then ensure retirement income lasts beyond this age. Secondly, we optimize projected cash flows by comparing three competing withdrawal strategies, determining which accounts should be drawn down first and which are better left last. Third, we generate a list of key considerations to take into account.

Pricing Options for Individuals, Advisors, and Enterprise