Tax-Efficient Strategies
Made Simple

Cascades identifies the retirement income strategy that can potentially save clients the most money.

Dramatically reduce the complexity of retirement income planning. Enable your advisors to accurately calculate a tax-efficient withdrawal plan and create a report that compares multiple income tax reduction strategies. Instead of saying “trust me” to a client, an advisor can say, “Let me show you.”

Best Strategy

1. Non-Registered 2. Registered 3. TFSA

green pie chart graphic

Runner Up

1. Non-Registered 2. TFSA 3. Registered

yellow pie chart graphic

2nd Runner Up

1. Registered 2. Non-Registered 3. TFSA

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Retired Canadians worry they’ll outlive their savings


Not yet retired Canadians worry

Easily Identify the Need
for Permanent Life Insurance

Run complex scenarios and highlight how life insurance and annuities can provide tax-preferred savings for clients with excess annual income.

Almost half of retired Canadians (48%) are worried they will outlive their savings; this percentage rises to 74% for those not retired yet. Cascades allows advisors to relieve this fear quickly, allowing the planning discussion to continue on to the more complex value added conversations like the advantages of permanent life insurance in a clients estate plan.

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How it Works

It all starts with a unique planning algorithm…

Five steps for advisors to grow AUM

Number 1 Identify Info graphic

Identify a client’s multiple income sources.

To determine the most tax-efficient retirement income strategy, a complete accounting of a client’s income sources is required. Information at hand can be gathered easily.

Number 2 Calculate Info graphic

Calculate optimum strategies with the Cascades decumulation tool.

Walk clients through comparisons of competing withdrawal plans in minutes, and recommend the most tax-efficient strategy.

Number 3 Recommend Info graphic

Recommend account consolidation.

In order to implement a retirement withdrawal plan, it’s easy for clients to understand that while one should diversify their investment, they should not diversify their advice. The financial advisors who utilize the proper tools to plan for their clients will attract AUM away from those who don’t.

Number 4 Use Info graphic

Use the conversation to cross-sell insurance.

Clients are often unaware of just how much sustainable income they can receive in retirement. When there is more disposable income than expected, Cascades provides advisors with a unique opportunity. In cases where there is annual excess retirement income, permanent life insurance discussions become much more productive.

Number 5 offer Info graphic

Offer your advisory services.

Cascades solves the tedious task of determining not just a retirement income plan, but a great retirement income plan, and it does it quickly. With a fundamental lack of focus on retirement income planning, advisors practicing in this space become highly referable to their clients friends, and family.